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Co-funding and Partnerships

Who is with us?

Stadtjugendring Stuttgart (SJR) is a democratically organized umbrella organization of youth organisations, youth groups and initiatives in Stuttgart. More than 60 member organisations with about 130 000 young people reflect the diversity of youth organisations and their variety of different values.  

Main tasks: Advocacy of the interests and concerns of young people and youth organisations at a political level, service and consulting to maintain the quality of youth work, recognition and valorisation of non-formal education and volunteering.

Main topics, based on human rights education: Intercultural learning, youth participation, social inclusion, anti-discrimination and democracy promotion, gender equality, active citizenship.

Réseau Express Jeunes/ Youth Express Network is a European network of grass-root youth organisations. Its vision is to reach an inclusive society, where young people, their needs and participation are recognised, valued and appreciated. Its member organisations all work at local, regional and/or European level on the social inclusion of young people. The Board is pan-European and composed of young people. The coordination office is based in Strasbourg, France.


Main Topics: Social inclusion, Human rights, Youth participation, Active citizenship, Non-discrimination, Youth empowerment, Gender equality, European mobility

Methods and Tools: Non-formal education, Peer learning, Experiential learning, Coaching, Intercultural learning, Advocacy, Street animation, Arts, Digital storytelling.

Attabedol is a relatively new association founded in 2018 in Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia. The association has 28 volunteers, are all young people from Menzel Bourguiba aged between 16 and 30 years old, around 90% of whom are women.


Attabedol is aiming to strengthen local democracy through a participatory approach.

Its objectives are:
● To engage young people with local issues and motivate them to take an active part in municipal affairs.
● to raise the awareness of young people in the importance of being socially active.

The thematic work focuses on seminars, youth projects and voluntary work:
● Promoting active citizenship through participation in democratic processes in local politics.
● Strengthening youth participation in the social, political and economic life.
● Raising the awareness of human rights especially women's rights.

The state capital of Stuttgart, the External Relations Department, and the city of Menzel-Bourguiba want to implement a pilot project for youth participation in urban planning processes together with youth organizations and youth initiatives.

The trilateral cooperation of youth organisations in Strasbourg, Menzel-Bourguiba and Stuttgart within the project promotes the development of Euro-Mediterranean consciousness in the field of youth participation.

A close communication among the twin cities/european neigbouring countries intends to create a framework of intercultural exchange among the young participants, youth workers and  representatives of the local authorities aiming to  strengthen the civil society and youth participation in each city based on human rights.

Co-funding Partners

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