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Open Space for youth

​"Open space for youth", uses the long term relationships of Stuttgart´s twin cities Menzel Bourguiba (Tunisia) and Strasbourg (France) to raise the awareness of the added value of youth participation within the involved municipalities and youth organizations. The project idea is motivated by the first opportunity for young people from Menzel Bourguiba to redesign a public square for sporting and cultural events from an environmental point of view. The involved people would like to test how local and international youth policy/youth work can be beneficially combined.

Our global goal is to foster youth participation, active citizenship and solidarity in the frame of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation among twin cities in the field of youth work and local politics.

Project activities in 2021

-A virtual youth exchange among 24 young people from Menzel Bourguiba, Strasbourg and Stuttgart. (Online: 17.04., 18.04, 24.04, 25.04, 10:30-13:30 h. Common activities. Offline: 17.04., 15:30-18:00 h; 18.04,
24.4., 15:00-17:00 h; 25.4., 15:00-16:00 h. Local program activities in each city. The results will be shared during the Online-Sessions. Livestream: Art performance at the square from and with young people from Menzel Bourguiba, 9.05, 12:00-13:00 h)
-Follow-up, a physical youth exchange in Stuttgart, if the current situation in the pandemic allows it (30.7.-5.8.2021, including travel days,  5 program days, one in Strasbourg).
-A virtual short Study Visit/Seminar for youth workers (professionals and volunteers) to set up a strategy to combine successfully local and international youth work and youth policy.
(17.5., 18.5., 7.6., 8.6. 14.6.2021 Working sessions between 3-5 hours per day, including breaks).  






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